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Missy with a red rose

G clef

Love Waits Still

It's been two years that you are gone, my dear,
Too early, you, loved and beloved;
Deep winter storm,
Dark blizzard isolates,
Blinding fury,
Snow upon snow, cold, foreboding,
Frozen soul beauty gone.

Two years without you, dear one,
Long winter's pained rest.
Can the distant sunrise flame again?
Crimson Hope, bringer of warmth,
Fleeting promise of Mercy and Grace,
Reminder of eternal beauty even among ashes,
Even ashes of despair
(Not the ashes themselves though-
they stand forever as silent, silent pain
crying in the night-
but the beauty, that is the thing remembered.)

Two years gone, dearest, two years!
Sadness and heartbreak my
Still testimony to love, love,
Unbroken love now shared with
Faint frightened shadows of springs past,
Spring blossoms riotous with joyful color,
And unfailing Love's indomitable spirit patiently waits

Kibogora, Rwanda
August 12, 2001

G clef