Missy-Forever Remembered
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Missy with friends
Missy with Laura
Missy with Laura
Missy ~ Forever Remembered

"Just as the oboe sounds its long sad tones,
So my heart song serenades my love plucked soul."

G clef

Our Missy, who came into this world on a July sunny morn, my hands gently guiding her journey, passed from this world eighteen years later, my hands again there, now to gently lay her ashes in the ground as a final touch with the physical.

Our Missy, blessed with musical abilities, has taken a part of each of us with her.

Our Missy, blessed with a heart of compassion, has left something of herself with each of us.

On these pages are shared memories of Missy, expressing who she was and what her life was about. But also within these pages you will find deep love...and the sad song that expresses the heart of one who has lost a daughter "beautiful as the moon."

This love song I offer to my daughter Missy, whom I will never forget. . .

G clef