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I'd Give Anything

I long for so much in this world
So many things, things untold
But right now I'd give anything,
I'd give up everything for just one thing
I'd give anything
- to see the love in your face
- to feel the warmth of your embrace
- to share a secret and a memory
...Just one more time
I'd give anything
- to have known you more
- to have opened for you one more door
But more than anything
I want to hear your voice and hear you laugh
Just one more time, that's all I ask.
Just one more time.

It's so comforting to know we'll meet again
But not comforting enough
It's so warming to know you're in a better place,
But not warming enough
Will the pain ever go away?
I wish it all would end.
But I never want to lose the memories.

Jehaan Mathew
May, 1999

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