Beautiful as the Moon

by Steve Belton

Alta Mesa
Crimson Sky
His Heaven's Grace
Love Bonded
Love is Gone
Love Thoughts
Love Waits Still
My Cry
Night Thoughts
Sadness in the Air'
She and Thee
Silent Tears
Speak for Me
The Valley

by Brian Morgan

My Eyes ... My Eyes
O Missy

by Hobie Davis

Quiet Girl

by Gabi Banks

Look What Love Has Done

by Mickey Penrose

No Words

by Jehaan Mathew

I'd Give Anything

by Anna Burnett

Can It Have Been A Year?
Five Years
Ten Years

by Lori Hay


G clef

Quiet Girl

I know a quiet girl
She plays with reeds
Solitude becomes her
Though her red hair
Might lead one to different
Conclusions she finds much of what
She needs in the solitude of
Her daily disciplines
I don't see her smile or laugh
A lot though when she did
It warmed the room like sunshine
I learned she died today and
I just can't believe it.

Hobie Davis
April 13, 1999

G clef