Missy-Forever Remembered
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Missy with Lindsay
Missy with a group at Oakbridge
Missy with Grandpa Swarm
Missy ~ Beloved Friend

"Let these memories mingle with the stories friends tell,
of a character deep, deep as the still dark waters..."

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Missy was a real people-person. This at first seems strange because she enjoyed solitude, but she also loved being around people. She had a quiet spirit that was felt by all. She put others at ease. Missy accepted people for who they were. She was non-judgemental.

In her years at The King's Academy she formed deep friendships with many. It would not surprise me to find that more than one person there considered Missy to be a "best friend." We happen to have pictures of Missy with these young ladies from TKA, but there were many more with whom Missy also loved to spend time.

Missy had been at Biola for seven months before she died. During those months she had begun the process of making friends. Many have sent us notes letting us know that in Missy they saw something special.

Missy had a great roommate at Biola - Inesha. They were made for each other it seems. Both sweet and thoughtful toward the other - each one respectful of the other.

Missy loved the people God brought into her life. We thank God for caring for Missy in that way - giving her great relationships with great people who brought Missy closer to God. We know there are many who miss Missy tremendously and think of her often. You know, I am sure, that we join with you in missing our beautiful Missy ourselves.

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